Saturday, 5 November 2016

16e : Eating out in Cluny (5 of 5)

Ever since in 2013 the chef of La Grange Finot in Bray, and later of La Régalade in Cluny, Serge Curtil had to close his doors we have been desperately looking for something similar, and so far without much success. Those restaurants both served excellent meals, the service was good and friendly, the price was very reasonable considering the quality of the food, in a word: Curtil's restaurants had been for years the places we went to in case we had something to celebrate.

Hostellerie d'Héloïse - Cluny
The name Hostellerie d'Héloïse had cropped up as a possible replacement of La Grange Finot, and we have made several attempts to reserve a table there. But every time we tried to book, the restaurant was either closed or fully booked, and we had more or less given up the idea of ever eating there.

Hostellerie d'Héloïse - Cluny
Until we wanted to celebrate my birthday. The weather forecast for that day was horrible, hence a nice day out sight-seeing was not an option. Remained a special dinner for two. Again the Hostellerie was mentioned, and this time we were luckier: we could make a reservation for a table for two that evening without any problem.

We had never seen the restaurant from the inside, and when we walked in we realised why making a reservation was not as easy as we thought it should have been. The restaurant area is not big, and since the place is also a hotel, having a fully booked hotel quickly results in a fully booked restaurant. The restaurant offers a lovely view over the river Grosne, is simply but tastefully decorated and furnished and the service was friendly and adequate.

Pavé de Charollais
As far as I am concerned a child is easily pleased, and when I saw the "Menu the Terroir" I was sold straight away. An amuse-bouche, twelve escargots, a pavé de Charollais in a red wine sauce with gratin dauphinois, a cheese platter with a.o. three different Epoisses and as a bonus a lemon sorbet with vodka and coffee, well, what more can one wish?

Magret de Canard
My partner was a bit less extravagant (it not being her birthday), with asparagus as a starter, half a magret de canard as a main dish and the same cheese platter as I had (menu de marché d'Héloïse).

Rest in Peace!
The food was excellent and nicely laid out, the service was very good and friendly, and at the end of the day this meal including a glass of pastis as an apéro, wine and coffee set us back less than 50 € a head. Not something to do on a daily basis, but for special occasions we finally have found a place to eat!

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