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13 : Arts and Crafts

Atelier de Gadrielle - Cormatin
In this part of Burgundy there are an astonishing number of people living from their work as “artisans d’art”. A small number of them also offer courses in their chosen art or craft. This is by no means a complete list of who is doing what and where (much like the other chapters) but it offers a list of the most local and in our opinion the most interesting artists. If you are interested in following any courses or if you are interested in the work of a particular artisan, you can contact them directly and they can give you any details you might require. If you are unsure of your French skills and have particular questions, we can make the contact for you.
Click here to get an impression of the work of various artisans d'art.

A good overview of local arts and crafts can be seen at "La Filaterie" in Cormatin. "La Filaterie" is an old spinning mill and a number of rooms have been turned into an exhibition and sales centre for local artisans, you can find jewelry, ceramics, clothing, leather goods and wood carvings alongside each other. Also, in the tourist information office in Cluny, you can see a nice display of local arts and crafts.

On the website of ECCA from Cormatin and on the website of the Office de Tourisme of Saint-Gengoux-le-National you can find the addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and websites of many local artisans.

Pascale Ponsard - Cormatin
Pascale Ponsard is based in Cormatin in the Rue de la Sablière, and she paints on silk. She makes some very large pieces for making clothing as well as smaller pieces to be used as scarves etc. She organises courses and does demonstrations on request.

Also in Cormatin on the Route de Cluny is ”Atelier de Gadrielle”. The owner Patrick Vernay, makes exceptionally beautiful silver and gold jewellery.

In a hamlet Gemaugue, near Chapaize there is another jewellery maker ”Emergence de Bijoux”, where Myriam Lacolonge makes pieces out of plastic resins.

Nearby in Bessuge is Monique Dégluaire who makes very interesting sculptures in clay. Anyone staying here can see one of her pieces in our garden.

Atelier de la Lisse - Lys
In Lys, a small village just down the road from here, there are quite a number of artisans.

Those interested in a course of woven tapestry need look no further than ”Atelier de la Lisse”. The courses are organised by Marie-Elise Tournebize.

Her husband Christian Tournebize makes jewelry out of bronze and silver as well as interesting wooden sculptures from tree roots and branches. His business is called ”La Nature du Lys”.

“Wakaté” is a shoemaker, who makes shoes to measure.

Lys also has a pottery the “Poterie de Lys”.

Again in Lys you will find Thierry Goury who is a multi-facetted artisan who owns the ”Atelier de la Treille”. Goury runs courses in drawing, painting and also mould making and bronze casting.

In Saint-Gengoux-le-National there is something very different. In La Sachette, just outside the town itself there is “la Papier en Folle”. Claire Guillot makes marbled paper which is used, amongst other things, for the inside leaves of books.

Pottery is very popular in this area. In almost every village you can find one or two potteries. The monks in Taizé fund their living expenses by selling pottery at very reasonable rates. Their pottery is very simple and elegant and ranges from their iconic oil lamps and candle holders up to full dinner services.

Another special potter in the area is Elisabeth Causeret in Sailly who makes miniatures - little pots, pans, cups and saucers etc at her “Poteries Miniatures”. Truly impressive in its smallness!

Joël and Maryse Dedianne - Bonnay
Joël and Maryse Dedianne in Bonnay are also specialised in miniatures, this time in wood. In their exhibition centre, which can be seen as much as a museum as a selling outlet, they have some amazing things on display. A clock completely made of wood (including all the springs etc), various musical boxes where everything moves as well as more static items. All our guests (young and old) who have been there have returned very enthusiastic about their visit.

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